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Minky Prints-Horses-Amber

This Minky fabric, also known as cuddle fleece, is an extremely soft version of fleece fabric that is very warm. This fabric is made of 100% polyester and comes in many colors. This elegant, soft and cuddly fabric has a 3mm uniform pile. This medium weight fabric has more vertical stretch than horizontal stretch, making this a versatile plush fabric for apparel and more. Minky fabric is 58/60" in width and also has a wonderful drape and flow when let loose. Its soft texture is soothing to hold and touch. This fabric is great for baby and children's sewing projects such as baby bibs, blankets, soft toys, and mittens. Smooth minky is also great for seat cushions, hats, scarves, apparel and so much more! Why stay cold this winter when you can beat the breeze with these Minky fabrics? With a slight stretch and a soft, short pile, this fabric is made for cuddling. Minky fabric is a type of fabric that softer and warmer than regular fleece. This fabric has a lot of give and is a single-sided fabric. Considering how durable Minky fabric is, it can withstand repeated washing and still maintain its warmth and coziness.