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Quilting Machine Rental

 The Quilting Machines may be rented to customers who have taken a class in running the machine.  The fee for rental is $15.00 per hour.  The fee for rental of the Pro-Stitcher is $20.00 per hour.


If you have not been educated in the operation of the machine, you must take a class before renting it.  The class for free hand quilting is $50.  The class for using the Pro Stitcher is $100.


In order to rent the machine, you must have your name on the quilt list, and we will call you when you’re turn is up.

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  • Ph: (208) 878-0236
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  • Hours: M,Tue,Thu,Fri 10a - 5:30p, Wed/Sat 10a-4p MST, Closed Sun